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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Five Leviticus Offerings

These five offerings described in Leviticus foreshadow the One who would come – Jesus.

{I am going to pause here before I begin. I want to state why I am doing this. I want to show the importance of these old testament offerings. These five offerings point forward to The Cross. Every single detail in these offerings point to the future. To understand our walk with God NOW, we must understand the past offerings in the old testament. Did you ever wonder why “The Lord had ‘respect’ unto Able and his offering, but unto Cain and to his offering he had NOT respect” – Genesis 4:4, 5. We have always heard ‘Cain brought the wrong offering’… but what does that MEAN?  It really means EVERYTHING! Other important details: Salvation, sin, repentance and joy & peace in serving the Lord & walking WITH Him! God was the SAME yesterday as He is today!! He has NOT changed… which is sooo important to understand.

Here are some key words to understand first:

“Most Holy” – A specific offering was considered ‘most holy’ because it was placed on the fiery blazen alter & consumed by fire.

“Brazen Alter” – The alter was made of acacia wood, an incorruptible wood & covered in copper. It constantly glowed red from the fire. Fire = God’s unchanging righteousness & judgment. Inside the alter about half way down was a copper grate with fire below it. This grate is where the animals were laid & consumed by fire. Just above the grate is where the priest would sprinkle the blood that he collected in the basin from the slit throat of the animal.

“Fat & Blood” – Fat & blood was never to be eaten. LIFE was in the blood & the fat belonged to the Lord. The fat burned cleanly & was a sign of prosperity and health of the animal sacrificed.

“Day of Atonement” – Once a year the great high priest would place blood upon the topside of the Ark of the covenant (also called the mercy seat). This would atone for the sins of Israel.

“Incense Alter” – or “worship alter” was in the sanctuary. At all four corners was a GOLDEN HORN typifying that one day all worship would open up to ALL PEOPLE. Outside of this sanctuary was the ‘brazen alter’. It also had four horns, which typified The Cross of Christ.

These five offerings I am going to list here will not follow the order in which they are listed in the first chapter of Leviticus. I will be listing them in the order in which they were observed and carried out in Jewish religious life.

So a ‘quick’ look at the five offerings:

Whole Burnt Offering = SALVATION! Only offered ONCE. Just as we get saved only ONCE. {Unless YOU walk away from Him & discontinue your faith.  This is VERY important to understand. Especially if you are under a false doctrine that ‘claims’ you are unsaved to do a sin you commit. You are saved by faith. Faith brings you into a relationship with God. Only faith can bring you OUT of a relationship with God. If actions brought you INto a relationship with God then actions could bring you out of a relationship with God… but this is NOT the case!}

Meat Offering (Food offering) = Thankfulness to God for all that He has done.

Sin Offering = IGNORANT sin committed. This offering is relates to our GROWTH with the Lord.

Trespass Offering = WILLFULL sin. This offering relates to our WALK with the Lord.

Peace Offering = Offering because of our peace & joy with God. Not brought because of sin but brought simply as one person’s way of expressing thanks to God… realizing that every single blessing comes from the Lord. When we are properly walking with Him… we will have the peace & joy of the Lord.

{Please be patient… MORE TO COME! Under construction!}


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