And He said unto them, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature" - Mark 16:15

Sunday, August 29, 2010

I Feel A Change Coming

I have been frustrated for a very long time, but I’ve try to just be patient. Wait for Mike to make the final decision. The first time this situation happened it took nearly 2 years to make our ‘move’. Then this situation happened a second time… and now it is happening a third time. I am trying still to be patient. Let the Lord speak to Mike. He is the head of this house.

I try to ask God,  “What is it that YOU want us to do?” For some reason I have been having a hard time hearing His answer, which makes this situation very difficult on me.

I keep questioning Him…

“Did you want us to stay ‘put’ 2 years ago when we moved into a new ‘home’?”

“Was it YOU who said ‘go back' to where you came from & shed some light?”

During that time period I felt very heavy. I felt like we were NOT listening to you & were pressured to move back. I was not happy. 

Then after a while I gave in & thought…

“Ok God, maybe this was YOU that moved us back – even though I am not happy about it – maybe there is a purpose. Who are we supposed to reach?” 

Now I am not so sure.

Maybe it was ‘just for a time’ and now our work is done. We did touch a few. We tried. It is over though. It’s time to move on. But ‘on’ to what?

This is what I am not sure of… and what I am impatient for. I want to know His plan for us & I want to know NOW.  Where He wants us to go. We know what we were called to do… but where do we do His work?


Amongst the heaviness.. this chapter coming to an end.

Amongst this heaviness, I feel peace.



Whatever is in store for us… it will be GOOD.

Please pray for Mike & I – that we go where the Lord wants us.

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ruthhill74 said...

I am praying now. I pray that You will give guidance to this couple, Oh, Lord. They are seeking Your will even now, and I pray that You will definitely show them what the next step is they should take. Be not silent on this, Oh Lord, my God. Let them right now sense Your peace and love in a very special way. May they both clearly see Your plan and Your will. May they shut out the voices of the world and concentrate solely on You. In Your Name,