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Monday, August 23, 2010

Donations For Someone In Need?

I am very new at this… so please be patient with me.

I would like to take up donations for different things.

First on my list is a family who is in need.

This family has been struggling financially and are in an ‘in between’ stage. Hopefully with some generous help, they can make it though this difficult time. I will be accepting donations for this week through  Friday August, 27th. Once Saturday comes, I will be purchasing an item of need for $225 and I will be putting the rest of the money onto a gift card and mailing it to the family. I would love to post more info on this family, however I don’t want to invade their privacy & I also want this to be a surprise.  I will accept  any amount you are willing to give.  I just ask that you give whatever God puts on your heart to give.

To me, this seem like it is a little unsecure. Basically I am giving you all my word that this fund is going towards this family. I am more that willing to write out a personal receipt & mail it to you if needed.

As of Saturday the donations will go towards something else of my choice. I will post something on my side bar to inform everyone. I have been thinking lately of these families who are in need. I think sometimes we take for granted things we have that other may not have. I know we are capable of helping one person out at a time. And if it not a situation like this one, then maybe it will be someone I know who is doing a “run or walk” marathon for donations, or  maybe it will be a church trying to come up with money for their youth program.

No matter the cause, I feel like we can do this. Just $1 dollar at a time.

If anyone would like to offer me help if I am going about this wrong… I am all ears!!

I appreciate the help and I appreciate any donations to this family!

Also, if there is any problem with this Paypal button, you can let me know  at

Thank you all.

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